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Dooley's Egg Cream Liqueur

The Perfect Match... it can be so simple! Sometimes, we witness two things coming together, fitting perfectly, and each bringing out the best in the other! Dooley´s Egg Cream Liqueur exemplifies this, as it combines our highly acclaimed cream liqueur with vodka and seductively creamy advocaat egg liqueur, creating an entirely new and unique taste experience. Two liqueur classics that, when combined perfectly, offer unforeseen possibilities. The best recipes with egg liqueur now become even better, tastier, and more refined! Whether enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks, in a mixed drink, in cakes or desserts, with fruit or chocolate, for cold or hot days... Dooley's creamy Egg Cream Liqueur is a true multitasker when it comes to pleasure and temptation! It's the new, sensual variation of a beloved classic. Two become one!