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Dooley’s Chocolate pudding delight

Dooley’s Chocolate pudding delight

The highlight on any dinner party


  • 12 digestive biscuits, crushed
  • 60g (2oz) unsalted butter, melted
  • 2 medium egg whites
  • 125g (4oz) caster sugar
  • 284-300ml carton double cream
  • 300g (10oz) dark chocolate, melted
  • 6 btsp Dooley´s Toffee


Mix the crushed biscuits with the melted butter. Spoon the crumbs into the base of the cake tin and press them down well. Chill the base while making the filling. To make the filling: Place the egg whites and caster sugar in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Remove the bowl from above the hot water, and then whisk mixture to form a thick meringue. Whisk the cream until it just forms soft peaks. Fold the chocolate into the meringue mixture; then fold in cream and Dooley´s liqueur. Pour the mixture over the biscuit base and smooth the top. Chill the pudding in the fridge for at least 4 hours, or overnight, until it sets. To serve: remove the pudding from the tin – if necessary, heat around the sides of the tin very gently with a blow-torch, or run a hot palette knife around inside the tin to release the torte. Remove the paper from the base.

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