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Our Varieties

Dooley's Original Cream Liqueur is a top-class cream liqueur that combines the delicate, melting texture of the finest cream with high-quality vodka. The mildness of the premium vodka always puts the taste of the individual varieties and other ingredients at the forefront: sweet temptations that promise and deliver a full-bodied, creamy delight. Whether enjoyed straightforward on the rocks or skillfully incorporated into cocktails or other sweet delicacies, Dooley's is the cream liqueur for indulging and being indulged. Loyal fans can repeatedly be surprised by changing limited editions.

Irresistible Moments of Pleasure

Dooley's isn't just a delight straight on the rocks; it's also the secret ingredient that adds that special something to cocktails, desserts, or baked goods. Spoil your loved ones, your guests, or simply yourself with one of our delicious creations and conjure up irresistible moments of delight in your everyday life. Dooley's isn't just a cream liqueur; it's a source of culinary inspiration. In a Dooley's moment, you forget about time, place, and everything around you: close your eyes and savor with all your senses. Even though most of our recipe ideas might be small indulgences, remember that Dooley's contains up to 50% less fat than most other cream liqueurs.